Balance campaigns: the best digital strategies and what not to do


The best digital marketing strategies for sales

It is important that you realize that not all strategies can (or should) be applied to all businesses. Also, the suggestions we bring you are marketing resources and not finance ones, so please do the math before doing promotions!


Exclusive and Early Sales

There is no desire stronger than the feeling of being restricted. By communicating an exclusive sales moment to your customers, you are making them feel unique. This strategy, in addition to boosting sales, is a way of giving back to your customers the preference and making potential customers want to become equally special.


Retargeting or remarketing

the actions remarketing (or retargeting)present the potential consumer with articles he has already shown interest in, as he browses websites and social networks. If the consumer was already interested, now with the additional benefits of sales, what do you think will happen?


sense of urgency

You can add a sense of urgency to products on sale with a “time trial”, “limited editions”, “free delivery today”, “only today: when purchasing this product, 5% discount on another product”, among many others.

These additional advantages have very positive responses from consumers, the neuromarketing explains why – check out our previous blog post. An added value is analyzing the sales funneland see if your consumer is being led through all the pre-stipulated steps.


Cross Channels

If you already know exactly where your audience is, you can move on to the next point. If you’re still not sure, use multiple channels to get your message to more people, namely the various social networks, WhatsApp, email marketing, influencers…


learn from the past

What sold the most in the previous year?

What was the consumer feedback?

Is there a specific product that has more views but not as many achievements? What product sets you apart from the competition the most?

Which products have the greatest margin for price reduction?

Are there any of the products that will be discontinued or discontinued?

The answers to these questions will give you valuable information to define what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.



Unfortunately, most of the time, the purchase process ends when the customer receives the product. This is a huge mistake, as it is cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones.

You can start by creating a thoughtful and genuinely helpful follow-up process by sending a thank-you email, asking for feedback, offering tips, and submitting a promo code for add-on products.

This tactic is not only useful in sales, but the truth is that at this point there is a greater predisposition of the customer to buy again.

what not to do

Knowing what not to do is as or more important than knowing the secrets of digital marketing strategies, since, even if you put all your efforts and resources into activating the best campaigns, if you don’t pay attention to the following points, the result could be the inverse:


Technical questions

Consumers won’t have the patience for website errors, especially at a time when competition is fighting for their attention.

Eliminate unnecessary processes, anticipate possible problems, carry out tests and avoid giving a sloppy image. Don’t forget: if the user has a bad experience, he won’t come back.



It’s the company’s reputation that’s at stake, so don’t report that you’re at 90% off if you only have one item at this discount, which by the way is already sold out… Likewise, don’t say the item is on sale when last month the value was lower. Also don’t guarantee facts you can’t prove, or make promises you can’t keep.

In general, common sense reigns, be clear and transparent.


Save on what you shouldn’t

The huge competition for customer attention, especially in the digital market, requires a careful presentation at all levels. For example, your nephew probably even knows how to take good pictures, but does he know and have the material to do product photography?

We understand that these days, budgets are more thoughtful, but that doesn’t mean making bad choices.

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