Digital Marketing for Micro and Small Businesses

There is a place for everyone online! However, it is difficult for micro and small companies to stand out when competition and investment from large organizations is fierce.

Today we write about best practices and solutions to help small businesses grow in the digital market.

At the end of the post we leave a special message for local small businesses.



If I’m not going to sell online, does it make sense to have a digital presence?

Let’s start at the beginning: to win online, you have to be online! “Being online” does not necessarily mean selling products on the Internet, it is about having a presence on websites, blogs, social networks, forums or other digital communication channels.

For example, a clothing store can have a digital presence by applying AIDA Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It is a model based on natural human behavior in decision making and is used in Marketing to direct…read more to attract new customers or promote discounts, without selling your pieces in an online store.


Solutions for Micro and Small Businesses

Working on the communication of startups, micro, and small companies is an exciting challenge! As a rule, these businesses need easy and practical solutions so that they can use them autonomously and, above all, with low investment.

Here are our suggestions to help small businesses grow, digitally and physically:


1. Blog

More than being fashionable, this is a low investment, time, and money option. One blog A blog is a page of a person or company that aims to help users find precious information about a certain…captures attention, helps build solid, long-term relationships, and makes you an expert in your field.

In addition, if you already have a website, integrating a blog allows you to keep the information constantly updated and, therefore, with a better opportunity for organic prominence, that is, without paying for advertising. This is because no one updates About Us or the Website Services on a monthly basis, do they?

Where to create blog for free:

  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • webnode


2. Email Marketing

Email marketing It is a marketing strategy that consists of sending emails to potential customers or current customers, giving them information, tips, and vouchers…is an excellent way to attract customers (whether to your online store, website or physical store), by communicating news, special discounts, giving tips, presenting solutions…

Mailchimp is our favorite platform because it’s free (up to a certain number of emails/sends) and because it’s so easy to use .

Do not forget to ensure that you comply with the rules of the most recent General Data Protection Regulation; keep the email short and appealing, and do not exaggerate the number of submissions.


3. Social Networks

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of being present on social media, but.. There’s a “but”! More than being present on social networks, it is necessary to:
– define which networks you will be on (if your business is a bakery, it won’t make sense to be on Linkedin, right?)
– have answers to the following questions: what to publish (which text, which video/image)? When and how often to publish?
– and will I still have time to respond to messages and comments? To feed the network weekly with content?

If you don’t know how to clarify these objectives, you might try hiring some social media marketing companies and concentrating on other vital aspects of your business.

4. Google My Business

In short, this is your virtual business card: it presents your company, contacts and location. It is a free tool from Google that allows you to manage the direct relationship with customers, namely respond to user comments and publish events, discounts or news.

This platform has dozens of possibilities to maximize your business, but that’s for the next post…

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