E-Mail Marketing: The importance for your e-commerce

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy with direct communication aimed at advertising or offering something to a customer base or contacts of a brand or company.

For a long time, this type of strategy was seen as a technique of spam, fraud and invasive communication. Despite this, with the passage of time and the advancement of technology, the professionalism in this type of strategy increased and the results began to grow a lot. 

In this article, we will talk about what email marketing is and how you can use it to increase your sales and also strengthen your relationship with your customers and consumers of your e-commerce.

What is Email Marketing?

As stated in the introduction, email marketing is a strategy for sending emails to a company’s contact base, aiming to increase sales, bring buyers closer to the brand and answer questions about products and services.

With the growth of the internet and technological advancement, it has become easier and easier to send a message through email to people. However, this has become harmful for many brands.

As they send invasive and unauthorized messages, this strategy was frowned upon and with little return for those who invested in it. However, with the passage of time and increasing professionalism, this situation has reversed.

With companies developing new techniques for sending messages, all with each customer in mind, the increase in ROI from these strategies is only growing. Another point was that now, most brands ask for authorization to send an email to their consumer.

Why use Email Marketing in your Business?

Today, email marketing is the third most used channel in digital marketing, second only to websites and social networks. Currently, there are about 4 billion email accounts created, and the trend is that by 2024, there will be more than 4.5 billion.

Whenever we register on a website, buy something online or log in, we use our email address. With this, it is already part of the lives of all online users, so having a strategy for this means of communication is essential.

Another interesting point to pay attention to about e-marketing is that the reach and delivery of e-mails is much greater than all the social media that exist. This happens because social networks work through algorithms and engagement.

E-marketing is delivered to all selected accounts and contact lists. It does not depend on any other factor. There are a few situations where your messaging tool may have a problem, but this is the exception to the rule.

Since email is a blank canvas, you can use your creativity to deliver the message however you want. So here, choose the best strategies to create the email that grabs the attention of the reader.

You can put images, videos, links, paint the background, choose the font that you find most interesting or put it all together in a single email. But remember, abusing these tools can turn your message into something polluted and unprofessional.

Finally, perhaps the main reason that many companies use this channel as a sales strategy is the high return on investment made. Therefore, as it is a long-range channel, costs are reduced.

To be able to send a campaign to your customers and leads, you need your own domain, a tool to send bulk emails and also someone to create the entire message. There are now several free tools on the internet, making their costs even lower.

In 2019, Litmus, an email marketing platform, conducted a survey where it reported that for every 1 dollar invested in this type of strategy, companies have an average return of 42 dollars. Depending on the field of activity, this return can be even greater.

How to improve the relationship with your customers through E-mail Marketing?

From the moment you have the permission to send email marketing to a person, you open a path of great potential to achieve a sale or some other type of action.

Most of the time, e-mail is used to finalize a sale or launch specific promotions for a product. However, this strategy goes much further than just selling.

Because it is a very personal and restricted communication channel, through email marketing, you can create campaigns focused on strengthening your brand’s relationship with your customers.

With a closer relationship and greater engagement, you can start nurturing your leads with content created by you, if you have a website or social networks. 

Therefore, when you release an article that may be of interest to your contacts, or a post on Instagram, for example, use email marketing to boost these channels, thus increasing the reach of your publications.

In addition to informing and promoting content, of course, you should use e-mail to sell. With this, promoting different promotions or a unique offer will bring you a greater number of conversions for a lower cost.

If you make sales, using email to do after-sales is very important and interesting. With this, conducting satisfaction surveys, giving tips on how to use the product or asking how the user experience is going, will bring you closer to your customer.

Remember, if your service is good and your product is of good quality, you can encourage your customer to make a second purchase. Keep in mind that attracting a customer for a repurchase is much cheaper than getting a new customer.

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