How to sell on social media: 3 foolproof tips

Did you know that, on average, Portuguese people spend 93 minutes a day on social media? This means that, daily, you have the possibility to increase your customer base exponentially. Therefore, it is essential that your business is present on these platforms and that it develops specific strategies for retaining new customers.

If you don’t know how to sell on social media, then you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to give you 3 foolproof tips to boost your sales on these online platforms.


Tips for selling on social media


Believe me: social media can be your business’s best friend. In addition to being free, they have specialized tools to help sales (such as the Facebook Store ), increase the company’s proximity to the public, promote the sharing of opinions about the product and the business, allow advertising with a worldwide reach and help build a strong and credible presence on the internet.

  1. Create useful and quality content

It’s no use spending time talking about your company, creating content aimed exclusively at selling or just promoting your latest products if your followers aren’t interested! This is a golden rule for social media management. Never forget that those on the other side are PEOPLE. Therefore, it is essential that your marketing strategy contents meet what people are looking for, always responding to their needs.

Use the 80/20 rule. This Pareto Law, as it is formally known, works perfectly for the management of social networks: 80% of the content must contain useful and relevant information, disconnected from the offer of products and services; and the remaining 20% ​​should focus on your brand operations, promoting your goods, promotions and other commercial strategies.

Pareto’s Law, applied to Social Networks, dictates that 80% of the content created must be useful and only 20% directed towards sales.

  1. Respond to customer comments and questions

We all like it when a brand responds to our comment – ​​whether it’s clarifying a question or as a joke. So why not do the same with your own business? Community management, as it is called in Social Media, creates a very close relationship with the end customer and improves the relationship (Business to Consumer).

Replying to comments and answering questions, on the public page or via private message, is an excellent way to pay attention to your customer. So take a few minutes out of your day to check your Page, as this will bring a lot of fruit to the business.

  1. Have a coherent visual identity

Has it ever happened that you are browsing a social network and, in a quick glimpse of a publication, know exactly which company the image belongs to? This happens when a brand has a strong, coherent, and uniform visual identity. It then means that the content and design of the publication are in harmony with the brand: both in terms of the message, in terms of colors, the font used and much more.

Therefore, always keep your company’s Brand Manual in mind when you start producing your digital content. create call-to-action (CTA)on your website, you will be able to impact your followers, even more, when they access each publication you promote on your pages.


These were three fantastic tips that will help you sell on social media. Try to (re)organize your strategy and analyze the results achieved. And never forget that it is important that, in addition to focusing your business on numbers and orders, it is crucial to also focus on the people who follow you and the image you share online.

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