Instagram Shopping: discover how to sell more with this feature in your fashion e-commerce

The sales pillar of a women’s fashion e-commerce is based on several factors. Most importantly: create desire. First of all, you need to understand that every purchase is effective. Of course, practicality and agility are essential features in online retail, however, you can leverage them with the authority of your brand.

Currently, Instagram is one of the best tools to assist in this process, because it is a social network that encourages lifestyle consumption, which eventually generates a desire to buy. However, if you still don’t know Instagram Shopping, know that you are missing out on great potential to generate traffic to your e-commerce and take your products to a qualified niche.

In this article, we will show you the advantages of using the Store on Instagram and how to improve your sales flow, with simple strategies that are already known by those who already invest in online retail.

How does Instagram Shopping work?

This is a feature that makes it possible to create a virtual store within the platform, allowing the sale to be carried out within the social network. First, to have a store on Instagram , it is necessary to have an e-commerce or product catalog on Facebook, in addition to a business profile. 

In other words, this feature is almost like a second virtual store , but with tools to generate engagement and interaction with the public that are common and the best: free! In other words, with Instagram Shopping, the merchant has a complete catalog of his products within the social network and can announce promotions, and launches with already available resources such as Stories, Reels and Feed.

You can access a brand’s Instagram store through the “View Store” button, available just below the BIO. For those who already have an E-commerce, the product action button will direct to the product on the website, where the customer can complete the purchase. 

What resources to sell on the Instagram Store? 

With Instagram Shopping , you have access to popular solutions already known by the public to sell and generate engagement. Each one contributes in a way, see:

Product Collections

Within the Instagram Shopping catalog, it is possible to create albums by bringing together various products. It’s an interesting feature for stores that launch exclusive collections or work with certain pieces only at specific times of the year, for example.

In this sense, another strategy is to create a collection with favorite or best-selling products or gift items, for example. It’s a good way to connect with your audience and shorten the purchase path. 

live sale

Live selling, or Live commerce , is still a recent strategy, but it has proven to be very effective in increasing the flow of sales and engagement on Instagram . In other words, it is a feature that allows you to sell products during a live. 

How it works? It’s simple: during the broadcast, you can promote a product and it will appear just below the comments, in an action button that will direct you to the catalog. 


price tags

With the Facebook catalog linked to Instagram, the merchant can tag the products in posts for the feed and ads. It is essential to use good quality, intuitive images that speak to your brand’s proposal. 

Using good visual aspects, in addition to generating engagement, also qualifies the audience that comes to your profile. That way, with the label already marked in the image, the purchase decision will be much faster. 

Augmented reality filters

One of the biggest challenges in fashion -commerce is the customer’s doubts about the fit of the garment on the body. If you work with accessories such as bracelets, glasses or earrings, augmented reality allows your audience to get a taste of how that item will fit. 

Why use Instagram Shopping if I already have an E-commerce?

Currently, Instagram has around 1.2 billion active users, 87% of this audience has already purchased products inspired by digital influencers. Eventually, Instagram will become an exclusive channel for sale. It is within this platform that you build a connection with your audience and interact with those who buy from you. 

Within e-commerce , you offer the customer the technical information that is indispensable for the sale of the product, unlike social, where you generate value for what you are selling. Always remember: creating public identification with your brand will facilitate all other strategies later on. 

In addition, with well-defined products, you attract a qualified audience, segment the audience and help generate traffic to your online store . Thus, you can invest in strategies to add more purchase desire within e-commerce such as Upsell and Cross-sell, for example. 


Use Instagram visuals to your advantage

As we explained earlier: Instagram is a network for lifestyle consumption. The fact that the public follows a particular niche of content, already turns it into a possibility of sale. 

Investing in good images and good communication is already a mandatory condition for anyone working with online fashion retail . Likewise, use this feature to generate connectivity with your customers. The social network is an interaction platform, using cold and out of context communication can end up driving your audience away from your brand. 

In addition to materials produced by you, it is a great strategy to share content that your customers post about your store. Replicating stories and reels is a great strategy for the audience that accompanies you to know and want your product. 

The desire to buy is the greatest ally in a Fashion E-commerce 

As with any other channel, your products do not sell themselves with just registrations and images. At this point, content plays an essential role in generating brand identification and authority. It is important to define the niche of your product and invest directly in the target audience, this helps to facilitate the management of the business and invest directly in the audience that will buy from you.

The last two years have been decisive for the fate of many businesses, the emancipation of e-commerce has dictated the new directions of the market and entering online retail is no longer an option. It is already more than clear that the way out is to update and adapt to new ways of doing business. A leisure resource like Instagram can make all the difference in your sales strategies.

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