Internal Marketing: TOP Actions to Maximize Business Communication

Internal Marketing is one of the most powerful axes of the communication strategy and involves the promotion of the brand’s values ​​with the employees, as a rule, it is a job of the Human Resources Department. Its objective is to increase the connection with the company, building loyalty and, above all, trust in its values ​​and products.

This strategy is different from Endomarketing since this concept uses marketing tools to sell the company’s image to employees, treating them as a target audience. The intention is to persuade and engage them, making them brand ambassadors.

These are two equally valid strategies that can be used simultaneously. Today’s topic focuses on specific internal marketing actions. Endomarketing is for the next post…


Why is it important to activate internal communication?

There are several reasons, namely:

– maximize the feeling of belonging;

– strengthen the company’s culture;

– increase productivity;

– reduce the effects of possible crises;

– decrease turnover;

– improve all Human Resources indicators.

All of this is visible to the outside, since employees are its first channel of communication.


Ways to Generate Internal Interaction


The concept of gamification has never been so in vogue. The game mindset is so valid in the business world that this concept has been transferred to companies. Healthy competitiveness is a way to increase the relationship between teams and deliver training content.

Thus, it is also a way of evaluating the success of the formation, the roles of each one and the individual and team performances, all while having fun playing.

You can create your own game or use platforms like Kahoot that allow you to create games, extremely interactive for engage inteams digitally.

These types of games are not teambuildings, as the latter tend to be activated only once, with specific objectives. Gamification is a long-term process, with multiple battles to conquer a war .


  1. private groups

Whether on WhatsApp or Facebook, private groups are a way to exchange ideas, ask for opinions, encourage, share news – it may even become ! They work so well because they are tools that employees are guaranteed to already use in a personal capacity.

Realize what kind of communication results and understand that this must be an informal channel, this means that it must not “massacre” with business objectives. Also, don’t demand or cover answers.


  1. newsletters

As they tend to be a more formal channel, it makes perfect sense to send specific content only to employees. Topics such as improving personal skills and technical skills; news from the business area and that fit your corporate culture, make perfect sense.

Still, it is important how you convey the contents it. Which of the articles would you rather read: “training to be a better commercial” or “list of Netflix movies to sell more”? The answer is simple.


Use, but don’t abuse! Don’t forget to analyze them to understand what you want to read.

In Maintarget Magazine you can read that one of the communication strategies of this Group are the internal newsletters. (click on image)


  1. Happy hour

What if every month employees were entitled to 1 hour to socialize? No, we are not talking about “going to the glasses”, but about stimulating, in a planned way, contact.

In medium and large companies, it is common for people from different sectors to have no contact with each other, even though their departments depend on each other. This can cause embarrassment. By contacting, individuals create bonds and their cooperation improves.


More important

Don’t forget to analyze the data and effectively listen to what the employee says.

There are dozens of ways to improve internal communication, but the most important thing is to realize that two sides are needed to communicate. Otherwise, it would be called “internal transmission”. Message captured?

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