Organic Traffic – The best strategies for your e-commerce

Organic traffic is the visits your site gets without having to pay for ads. It usually happens when someone searches for a term on a search engine like Google or Bing and finds your e-commerce.

Whenever you do a Google search for something specific, you click on the first options that appear to you, right? As soon as you land on that page, you are generating organic traffic to that site.

In addition to appearing in these search engines, there are other forms of organic traffic. In this article, we will talk about the main strategies for you to generate visits to your e-commerce without having to invest in paid ads.

Focus on your persona:

To be able to provide a good visitor experience on your site, you first need to understand who it is. So knowing your persona will be an incredible advantage to differentiate yourself and put your website at the top of Google.

Understand what they search for, what keywords are used, when they search for something, what they buy, how they buy it, which path they take to complete the purchase, know their tastes and any other data that helps you offer the best content for your persona.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This acronym stands for search engine optimization. It is responsible for choosing who will be ranked better in user surveys. Therefore, understanding how it works and what to do to increase your positioning is essential for organic traffic.

With it, search engines can identify which page best provides a pleasant and reliable experience for visitors. For this reason, the persona study is very useful, as said before.

There are two factors that influence SEO and help increase your search rankings, and they are:



These are off-page SEO strategies. To get the best performance in this strategy you need, in addition to offering a good search experience to the user, you also need to show yourself relevant to Google.

We’ll start with the user experience. This part includes some factors such as having a good page load time, good security parameters and little comment spam.

Now about relevance, this part is a lot about how much traffic you can generate. Therefore, the more visits you have, the better Google will understand that your content is relevant and can be shared.

In addition to visits, having your link publicized by other websites, blogs, pages and social media will increase your ranking. So remember, the traffic generated through these shared links must have some specific context and make sense for your e-commerce.

It’s no use if you’re selling children’s clothing and your link appears on a website that sells jewelry. Understand, having a proper context will help you a lot, but if this is not followed, your ranking will drop.



Unlike Off Page, On Page SEO works on your website page. Here, a lot goes into the experience you will provide to your visitor, but also the quality of your content.

To improve your On Page, some elements can be given greater attention when creating content for your e-commerce pages. To help improve your rankings, we have some tips for you to start applying right now to your e-commerce.

First, the layout and how it is being presented. It needs to be very clear and intuitive, thus helping your store visitor to easily find what they are looking for.

To be able to reach your persona, you must know what searches they do when looking for your product. Once you understand this, you should use titles and keywords related to these terms so that it finds your e-commerce easily.

The meta description is that message that appears below the title in a Google search. In it, you need to convince the person to click on your website and not your competitor’s. Here, making a good call makes all the difference.

After that, have well-written descriptions, written correctly, without grammatical errors, where they can answer all questions and objections, present the product and direct the buyer to finalize the purchase.

After the text comes the images and videos. Having media on your website that makes sense to your audience and having good quality increases the credibility of your store and also conveys more confidence and professionalism.


Social Media Strategies

On average, we spend about 3 hours a day browsing social media and the internet. This may be a bit scary, but this is our reality. As we are increasingly connected, using this to your advantage can be a big move.

Because of this strength, being present in these media is something that cannot be ignored. Having an Instagram with engaged followers, a TikTok that generates many views or a crowded WhatsApp group and knowing how to use it in the best way, will bring great results to your online business.

Once you have a large audience on your online channels, you can start promoting links to your pages and products in order to convert them into sales. Because they already know you and see that you produce valuable content and convey trust, your e-commerce conversion rate will grow considerably.

In addition to the generated sales that are your main focus, promoting your links in these sales channels will bring more traffic to your e-commerce and thus help to further improve your ranking in search engines. 

So, finding growth, engagement, conversion strategies and knowing how to analyze and understand the social media algorithm will only bring you benefits.


Inbound Marketing

This is a term that has emerged recently and has been gaining a lot of strength in marketing strategies. It consists of offering attractive marketing to the consumer.

In it you don’t force your customer to consume your content with unwanted ads, promotion banners at all times, long videos and other forms of evasive disclosure. This type of strategy is called Outbound Marketing or intrusive marketing.

Inbound Marketing is only offered to those consumers who want to see and consume. It recognizes that your visitor will only consume your content if they want to see it.

As it is a more “friendly” strategy, your visitor will feel interested in knowing more about you and your brand and thus creating a greater desire to acquire your product or service. In addition, a closer and healthier relationship is created between you and your client.

For this strategy to be well applied and bring you good results, producing content that your persona likes to consume will be the main path to follow. When you do something he enjoys, it will bring you closer to him and make him come to you himself.

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