Understand 4 mistakes in e-commerce that hinder your sales

If you have an e-commerce and have been selling online for some time, you understand that online commerce has its benefits, but also its turmoil. So, when your online store is stagnant, with many visitors and few sales, know that there are errors in e-commerce that can be hindering your performance in digital.

But no need to despair! E-commerce is an open field of possibilities and by identifying the problem, you can easily circumvent it with assertive strategies and a good market study. Eventually, there are some mistakes that many experienced or novice merchants still make in their online sales. In this article, we’ll show you the four most common mistakes and how to fix them! 

Stop making these mistakes in your e-commerce!

These are currently the biggest mistakes we’ve identified in both younger and veteran e-commerce sites. Analyze each one, review some points of the store and understand what may be harming your online sales !

Shipping is more expensive or equal to the value of the product

In e-commerce, the cost of shipping must be as attractive as the value of the product. So, if the delivery value is similar or even more expensive, the most certain result is a cart abandonment and probably a visitor who will not return to your online store

However, consider it as one of the simplest errors to resolve. Many shopkeepers have the feeling that the post office is the only safe shipping method, even if the values ​​and deadlines are not the most ideal. However, with the popularization of online shopping, several means and companies providing delivery services have emerged. 

The best way to reduce purchase obstacles is to use shipping as a benefit of your store. To make the delivery more attractive and improve the conversion of visitors into sales, you can: 

Embed shipping costs into lower-value products, 

  • Offer free shipping for higher ticketed products,
  • Embed shipping costs into lower-priced products,
  • Use logistics integrators to find methods and values ​​into account, such as Best Shipping, for example
  • Strengthen shipping in your region with local couriers

Average product value

This is the most difficult point we are going to work with. The internet is like a big online shopping mall, its competitors are not only other e-commerces but also marketplaces, Instagram shopping, and even Whatsapp. At this point, learning to correctly price your prices will be definitive to boost your sales.

We’re not telling you to sell your products for an extremely low price, okay? But before pricing, do some market research. Understand what is practiced in your niche and what you can offer more to justify your values. 

In addition, pricing is also an internal management process, you need to understand how values ​​will affect the company’s revenue and how you will offer good prices without harming your profits.

Limited payment methods

Currently, e-commerce platforms offer a wide variety of payment methods. Selling online is to shorten the purchase path as much as possible, from the arrival of the visitor to your store to the closing of the cart. If payment methods are limited and don’t follow market trends — like PIX, for example — you are making the sales process difficult.

Your online store needs to offer between 3 and 4 payment methods, or more. You need to give your customer every possible opportunity to take your product home. Reminder: credit card installment is mandatory in any business. Study your average ticket value, company revenue, and operating costs to understand the number of installments you can offer.

Product description

Finally, the most important element not only for e-commerce in any segment: the description of products. This is the key item, the glue that holds all other actions together. The description of the products needs to be assertive, direct and clear. Your description needs to be so good that the customer thinks they are being served at the counter in the physical store. Therefore, it is important that the product registration is done by the retailer itself, as only he has full knowledge of what he is selling. 

The description is where the consumer removes his last doubts to decide whether or not to take the piece. In an ideal model, you need to include:

  • clothing measurements
  • fabric elasticity
  • part material

Extra tip : If you work with different sizes, it’s a good idea to add measurement charts and guidelines for measuring your own sizes.

The study of data will be definitive so as not to make mistakes in e-commerce

In the physical store, you constantly analyze the facade, check the windows, exchange the products on the mannequin for models that are on the rise and ensure organization and cleanliness. In this way, the same process must be carried out in your online store constantly.  

Finally, e-commerce platforms provide precious data about your business and just by constantly checking, you will find the points that need optimization. Study your business and leverage your strategies every day!

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