Understand the advantages of migrating your clothing store to digital

It may seem a little confusing at first, but one of the biggest obstacles for retailers in the fashion industry is selling too much. Calm! Let’s explain to you: Brazilian consumers are increasingly willing to buy on the internet. With more people at home, the best way to keep sales is to use social media, right? 

However, when does selling become an inconvenience for your company? It’s at the very moment when there’s such a high flow of orders that you and your employees can barely fill them all.

As a result, messages begin without responding, delays in the progress of orders or delays in service. In addition, you still need to deal with the demand of your physical store, spending on stocks and media. When you realize it, you’re in the middle of an endless snowball.

If your business has reached this point, now is the time to move to digital. Selling online does have its challenges, but the payoff and benefits are much greater. By getting your processes and logistics right, sales will flow smoothly, and your only concern will be to expand and earn more with your company.

In this article, we will show you the biggest benefits of migrating your fashion store to e-commerce. You will realize that digital offers numerous sales and reach advantages for your brand.

24-hour operation

Eventually, the main obstacle for a physical store is business hours. You can extend your opening hours, start earlier or close later, but at the end of the day, there will always be a closing time. In an online store, there are no opening hours, your e-commerce will work twenty-four hours a day, allowing your audience to buy your products at any time and place.

unburden the service

In an online store , your attendants are the product description and images. When well designed, these two elements work by themselves to effect the sale. In this way, your employees will be in charge of important logistical tasks for the operation of the online store , such as dispatching orders, for example.

With its well-structured e-commerce , it is possible to design a good purchase journey, from the first contact of the consumer to the post-sale. Thus, you create good experiences, guarantee repurchase and loyal customers to your brand.

But don’t forget that it is still necessary to have a person responsible for online service to answer any questions from consumers.

Process automation

One of the biggest needs of fashion retailers today is to understand their audience and what value their product generates for them. Within digital platforms, it is possible to measure concrete sales results, control stock, understand which products are the most sold and the company’s monthly revenue. Based on this information, it is possible to carry out assertive commercial planning.

In addition, Marketing processes also benefit from online store automation , since with Instagram Shopping, for example, it is possible to generate traffic to the website and shorten the consumer’s path to purchase.

greater reach

An online store is like a national storefront. Its products will be available to anyone in Brazil or abroad. With the help of Marketing actions, you engage your audience and build authority for your brand.

Anywhere, there is a person looking for your product, the online store will allow you to reach them. In addition, with an e-commerce , you guarantee good repurchase rates and optimize your company’s CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).


In online retail , integrating the online store with other platforms is a strategy that generates only benefits. Marketplaces and Instagram Shopping, for example, can make all the difference in the company’s monthly revenue, as they can reach different audiences in each one.

But watch out! As a retailer in the fashion industry , it is necessary to understand and analyze each channel before investing. In Instagram Shopping, for example, you take advantage of your audience’s engagement to sell . Therefore, you need to create content that generates value for your product.


First of all, you also need to understand some points

Even with all the advantages, e-commerce still has challenges and barriers to be broken. Even though the internet is present in the routine today, the digital age began just over twenty years ago. It is still a recent period to structure a line of thinking in sales, which has existed for centuries.

Understand that first of all, only means and tools are not enough to sell online. To establish yourself in e-commerce, you need to have a digital culture, understand the universe of online retail and how the mind of the new consumer works. Online and physical retail have completely different strategies and logistics, you won’t sell on the internet, the same way you sold in your physical store.

Understanding the online market and how each sector of an e-commerce works will help you make assertive decisions and optimize your investment. But for that, it is necessary that you abandon old processes and open your mind to a new sales methodology.

Don’t bet your business on rented land!

Any channel that brings in sales and revenue is beneficial for your business. However, you need to pay attention to the movement of the market. If a decade ago Facebook was considered an innovative tool, today it is already obsolete. Entertainment networks are gaining new forms according to audience demand.

You sell a lot on Instagram now, but what if tomorrow it’s the obsolete social network? It will be inevitable to migrate your business again, adapt to a new content production and stay that way until a new, more popular network emerges.

Marketplaces, social networks and WhatsApp are great channels of communication with your audience, however, they are unstable platforms that can suffer audience drops at any time. In addition, strict usage policies can contribute to reducing its reach.

However, the ideal is always to combine your own e-commerce with other channels. That way, you’re always guaranteed a stable online store where you’re in control of the tools, not the other way around.

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