How to motivate your team?

Now that you understand the importance of having motivated employees with a real interest in the success of your projects, read on and see the best strategies to encourage motivation in your company.

Know the needs

The first step to improve team motivation is to identify the needs of the corporation and the employees themselves. Through this initial care, you can map competencies , understand which equipment could improve the work ,and know which materials are needed to continue the corporation’s projects.

Thus, the mapping of all company positions and the identification of the main demands must comprise the first step regarding the optimization of the organizational structure of your brand.

After that initial moment, you can shift the focus to the demands of the team. Your employees may need more flexible working hours, incentives for higher education, or other benefits. By knowing such needs, it becomes easier to decide on measures for improvement in this regard.


Hear what the team has to say

To keep the team engaged, it is necessary to know a little more about their needs, expectations and long-term perspectives. So the best way to do this is to ask your employees directly what their work experience is like and how it could be improved.

By giving voice to its team, the company gains several insights to identify the main points for improvement in its routine, organizational culture and distribution of tasks, for example.

In addition, listening to people from all positions allows for unity among members and activities to be carried out with more enthusiasm by each one. As individuals have a unique perception of situations, dialogue between employees is likely to lead to faster and simpler solutions than is normally done.

offer rewards

Team motivation does not spring automatically from the members of a group. It evolves as the corporation shows how its growth goals are aligned with those of each employee.

Another important factor about offering rewards is that it must meet clear, simple and rigorously fair criteria. If only friends and family members of the company’s leaders benefit, there is no incentive for employees to make an effort, as the award is not related to the amount of effort put into the projects developed.

Therefore, promotions, bonus functions, bonuses and other benefits of this type must be offered to members who perform the best in the established criteria. That way, getting a career progression doesn’t seem impossible and you create the right incentives for the group’s performance to be optimized.

Give constructive feedback

Offering feedback to your employees is an important step to maintaining motivation in everyday work. In this sense, you can correct wrong postures that the employee presented on a daily basis and also highlight positive aspects of their behavior.

For example, if a team member had a good idea and is performing well, it’s worth praising to ensure engagement. If you have behaviors that are wrong, it’s important to call him privately to give him feedback and offer support to improve them.

It is still possible to provide comments to the entire team. That way, you can hold a monthly results presentation meeting and demonstrate the positive points of the past period and what you have the potential for improvement. Thus, everyone understands what is relevant in order to maximize the company’s sales.

Promote training

Trained employees tend to be more motivated in their work activities. For example, imagine that a problem arises in the company and that you are not there to solve it. However, due to the training carried out, the employees are able to solve the issue.

They will likely start to feel important in the business and consequently see themselves as part of it. Thus, by providing people training , you ensure that everyone has the necessary skills for daily work.

A good tip is to try to understand what your team’s needs are in order to offer suitable events to meet them. In this way, it is possible to complement hard and soft skills that are already inherent to your team and make it even more effective.

set clear goals

Having a clear understanding of the company’s goals is essential to motivating employees. For example, suppose you haven’t set monthly goals. Thus, they do not understand what level of effort is required in order to gain recognition in the company.

Therefore, if you want to have really motivated employees in your business, you must implement a system of clear and achievable goals.

By doing this, your team will work focused and determined to achieve their own and your business’s goals, making both grow together. It is also advisable to set a goal for the team to encourage work and cooperation.

Encourage healthy competition

Having a team goal is an important attitude, however, it is necessary to encourage healthy competition in order to maximize results. For example, suppose you set an overall goal for the team, and once it’s achieved, you offer incentives for top performers to be rewarded.

Thus, it is possible to encourage teamwork and, together, it offers incentives for everyone to make an effort to obtain a good individual performance. In this way, your company tends to grow and earn higher and higher profits.

Another possibility is to resort to gamification in companies. In this way, you have the entire playful environment of the games to motivate employees and stimulate competition in a healthy way in your organization.

Develop a pleasant environment

Having a good organizational climate and a pleasant environment is a good way to increase employee motivation. For example, having a breakout space can help individuals regain energy and get back to work harder.

An alternative is to install a game room so that during breaks everyone has a way to distract their mind and, when they return to work, they can focus on tasks.

Large companies like Google and Facebook use resources like these and, as a result, have engaged and motivated employees to perform the tasks. So, why not adapt the reality of your business and reap the benefits of these practices, right?!

Create transparent communication

Have you ever thought if you send a message to your team, but it comes out all distorted? This can lead to confusion and reduce the morale and motivation of some team members. Thus, valuing clear and transparent communication is paramount.

In this sense, it is important to be objective about the rights and duties of each employee, make clear what is expected in the company’s day-to-day activities, adopt a manual of conduct and invest in tools that help in communication.

For example, you can use boards to run less important errands, call employees to meetings, use technology to communicate more effectively, and practice speaking to get your message across without noise.

Recognize the efforts

Recognition is a fundamental part of keeping a company motivated in its entirety. For example, when an employee achieves a significant result or has a brilliant idea, it is essential to express how important he is to the company.

In addition, offering rewards for good sales performance, conduct and work results is also a necessary step. In this sense, you can create prizes such as “employees of the month” and offer products and services that can materialize the reward.

Thus, all participants in your company tend to strive and work motivated to achieve goals and objectives and also stand out from the rest. As a result, profits tend to increase, employees, achieve professional development and your company grows.

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