What is Up-sell, Down-sell and Cross-Sell: learn how these strategies can boost your online sales

The sales pillar of e-commerce is not only based on ads. First of all, virtual stores that rely solely on this method are doomed to an infinite cycle of spending investments and receiving little return. Paid media is a part of the process, other simple strategies can also help make your sales effectiveness. 

Just like traffic, internal techniques for your store like up-selldown-sell, and cross-sell, bring great returns in the long and medium-term. Today we will explain how they work and how each one can make all the difference in your online sales. 


Basically, the purpose of the upsell is to offer the consumer a more complete product or service at a higher value, to a customer who would choose to take a cheaper option. For example: in shoe e-commerce, if the consumer is looking for a specific running shoe, you offer a model with more advantages for a slightly higher price than the product of the first option.   

At the time of purchase, the consumer is likely to pay a little more for a product or service if it is cost-effective. This technique aims to optimize LTV (Lifetime Value) and increase the average ticket of your online sales. 


Unlike the previous topic, Downsell is a strategy that aims to offer a product with a lower value in order to complete the sale when the consumer is about to give up on the purchase. Imagine: your customer is browsing your online fashion store and comes across a shirt that meets their needs, but is out of a stipulated price. Before he gives up on the purchase, you offer other similar options, but with lower prices. This strategy is like a “final card” to convert even with a value below your average ticket. 

But remember: once in your customer base, you have new opportunities to sell products at higher prices to that person using good repurchase strategies. Also, think about it: it’s much easier — and cheaper — to invest in repurchasing a customer who bought low values ​​than trying to bring them back to your online store 


One of the most popular techniques in e-commerce, Cross-sell aims to encourage consumers to take more products that complement their initial purchase. In an electronics store, for example, when purchasing a cell phone, the purchase can be complemented with headphones and film as a complement. 

Offering solutions and additional items at a low cost is one of the best strategies to increase the average ticket and optimize the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Sell ​​more and spend less is possible. But calm down!

A statement like this may even seem unbelievable at first glance. As you can see, with simple techniques it is possible to optimize the purchase journey and obtain a better return on investment. However, before any method, the ideal is to analyze the scenario as a whole. No strategy works alone, in online retail, everything is part of a process and you need to pay due attention to each step. 

If your online store doesn’t have good navigation or your products don’t have a good description, for example, other actions will be doomed to failure. Therefore, seek to create an experience with your customers to retain them. Remember: repurchase is the survival of e-commerce!

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