Five Blockchain Games That Will Blow Your Mind

Blockchain Games

Blockchain games have become a popular topic of discussion over the past few months. This new and revolutionary technology has sparked so many imaginations that new ideas are popping up every day. These game-inspired blockchain projects are just as interesting as other gaming platforms with their own unique twists. Blockchain is an ever-evolving technology, and gaming is just one of the industries that is being impacted by it. With this in mind, here are five blockchain games that you need to start playing right now.

Crypto Billionaire Game

Let’s start off with one of the most popular blockchain games out there, Crypto Billionaire. This online game gives players the chance to start their own cryptocurrency empire. Crypto Billionaire is easy to learn, and it’s suitable for both children and adults. This game’s concept is based on real-world economics, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to get a solid education.

The game’s creators are constantly updating the game with new features, too. Crypto Billionaire’s latest update added blockchain-based training and a new trading system.

What If?

If you’re into fantasy games, What If? may be the perfect blockchain game for you. This game has players assuming the roles of “valiant heroes” who are tasked with defeating a “dark lord.” Using blockchain, this game tracks the “heroes’” efforts and rewards them with “coins and loyalty points.”

What If? is both a mobile game and an online browser-based game. Players can create their own avatars and join one of many alliances. But What If? ‘s real appeal is its blockchain-based system.

Etherium Poker

If you’re interested in poker but aren’t sure how to incorporate blockchain into your game, Etherium Poker is the perfect choice. This game embeds the Ethereum blockchain into its poker blockchain. The result is a more secure and transparent poker game experience.

This game’s poker blockchain is powered by smart contracts, which give it a unique edge over other poker sites. For example, poker players can use Etherium’s smart contracts to automatically receive their winnings when they’ve won a hand.

EverdreamSoft’s Blockchain RPG (DreamDrop)

If you’re looking for a platform to let your imagination run wild, then you need to try out EverdreamSoft’s Blockchain RPG (DreamDrop). This game challenges players to create and customize their own unique characters and explore a virtual world via a blockchain-based magic system.

In this game, players create their own unique characters and explore a virtual world via a blockchain-based magic system. You can even watch your characters grow and learn new skills as you progress through the game.

SingularityNET: A blockchain-based marketplace for AI services

When it comes to AI, the field is still relatively new and not yet fully explored. This is why SingularityNET has decided to take on the challenge of blockchain-based AI. The team behind this game is making sure that AI doesn’t fall into the same pitfalls that led to the rise of blockchain in the first place. We’re talking about the technology’s negative side effects like large-scale data collection, inequality, and lack of transparency.

With SingularityNET, AI developers have the chance to create decentralized applications without worrying about data misuse or ownership issues. This marketplace allows AI developers to create and sell their AI services to the public.

Wrapping Up: Is blockchain game the future?

It’s not hard to see why blockchain games are so popular right now. They’re a great way to learn more about how this new technology works and how we can apply blockchain to different industries.

Blockchain games also provide players with a fun and interactive way to learn more about crypto tokens and blockchain-based economies. However, it’s important to remember that blockchain games aren’t meant to replace common video games. Technology can help create better games, but it can’t change the fact that games are designed to be fun and help players escape from reality!

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Blockchain Games That Blockchain Needs

A blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that tracks digital assets or electronic transactions. And yet, we’re not even close to seeing what all blockchain technology has to offer. Yes, the technology has been around for almost a decade, but it’s only recently that it’s starting to revolutionize industries like games. So here are some blockchain games that blockchain needs.

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