How To Get More Likes On Soundcloud: 4 Legit Strategies


As an artist, you need to promote your music and songs. However, the biggest question is how to do that on platforms like SoundCloud. You can use various strategies to gain a lot of organic likes musical platform. 

The below strategies will help you to increase the number of likes on your songs and music on SoundCloud. Apart from this, they will also help you to gain a lot of followers and views as well. 

What is SoundCloud? 

SoundCloud application was founded in 2007, and it was the first artist platform powered by the unity of listeners and artists. This application is specially designed for independent artists to empower them with various tools and services they need to build their careers in the music industry. But have around 300 million tracks from 40 million different artists. People from 190 countries use SoundCloud as their music application.

Strategy 1: Make good quality music

It is possible to upload any music in this application, but that doesn’t allow you to upload some crap music. Make sure that the song that you are going to upload must sound very good to listeners. 

Few points you must consider

  • Your idea must be solid in producing music. If the quality of your music would not be better, then the mixing, production, and mastering would not matter.
  • Get feedback from your listener and other artists.
  • You must be patient to grow your profile and keep posting good quality music regularly.

Strategy 2: Leverage the existing audience

If you have a good fan base, you might take advantage of them. Most people dedicate their lives to finding and sharing music with other people who would love them. Therefore, it would be ideal for you to search for a channel on this application on which you can share your music with a larger audience with the help of your existing audience.

  • You can do the following things.
  • Repost channels
  • Follow other artists with a huge fan base
  • Promote your channel

Strategy 3: Update your audience through e-mail

It sounds like a bit old idea, but it still works very effectively. Every artist has their e-mail to repost their channel. Communication through e-mail is much more convenient. 

You can send an e-mail daily to your audience about every new update you have made to your channel. In addition, you can make a complete list of people you need to send e-mails to. You can also use e-mail marketing to compile the best e-mail marketing platform for musicians; this would help you to buy SoundCloud likes organically.

Strategy 4: Repost chains

A repost chain is a tool. It is considered one of the most valuable tools in this application because it has many effective ways to increase the visibility of your content. A repost chain is a group of people reposted track order fixed time to maximize the exposure. Below are a few ways by which you can join or create a repost chain.

  1. Producer friends – You have to complete your inner circle together & up for a repost chain. It will provide a guaranteed baseline exposure whenever you upload a track.
  2. Bigger chains – Many people will look for groups to join repost chains on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It is because a more extensive group leads to a bigger value. But they have a requirement you must have 5000 plus followers on SoundCloud.
  3. Random chains – One of the easiest ways to find jeans would be searching on Google, and you will see a bunch of results you are ready to include in their chain. However, some are free of cost, and some require payment for their membership.

Should you buy SoundCloud likes?

You will come across many advertisements claiming to provide you with a lot of lakes in exchange for some money. Although it is this small creator, it might be tempting for you to buy them to increase your popularity, but it is an entirely wrong approach. Instead, working hard to make good quality tracks would be the best option for you to gain likes organically.

SoundCloud work on a secure server which ensures the safety of their user. So they do not let a third-party application interfere with their business. So buying something for this application might be dangerous for your career. The guide will help you to gain a lot of traffic on your creator’s account without investing a single penny.

SoundCloud is one of the most used music applications today. Because of its easy-to-handle interface, people prefer to use it. Moreover, if you are a small creator who wants to pursue a music industry career, this might be the best application because it allows everyone to upload their music and tracks for free.

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