People Management

High Ticket Sales Strategies in 2022

High Ticket Sales

Successful high ticket sales are possible when you have the right data-backed strategies to use. Your high ticket sales strategy will be unique to your business, your sales team, and your buyers. It should be rooted in confidence in asking for the price that you’re worth, but not feeling guilty …

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Predictive Recruitment: Find out how to use it in HR

The recruitment and selection process is one of the main responsibilities of the Human Resources area of ​​companies. In order to practice strategic HR , managers know that they need to continually improve the mission of finding the most suitable professionals for each position. In this, the application of the so-called predictive recruitment is fundamental. …

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How to motivate your team?

Now that you understand the importance of having motivated employees with a real interest in the success of your projects, read on and see the best strategies to encourage motivation in your company. Know the needs The first step to improve team motivation is to identify the needs of the …

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